Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life

Providing insight into this unprecedented project, Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life by Census researcher Paul V. R. Snelgrove explains the rationale behind the Census and highlights some of its most important and dramatic findings, illustrated with full-color photographs throughout. It explores how new technologies and partnerships have contributed to greater knowledge of marine life, from unknown species and habitats, to migration routes and distribution patterns, and to a better appreciation of how the oceans are changing. Looking to the future, it identifies what needs to be done to close the remaining gaps in our knowledge and provide information that will enable us to better manage resources, conserve diversity, reverse habitat losses, and respond to global climate change.

The text-only version of Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life is now available for free download at: (under "Resources" or "Ancillary materials").  The images are not included in this free version of the book, but the text is fully referenced with in-text citations. Just click on the in-text superscripts to go to the appropriate place in the reference list. Also, each species name is linked to the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) species page.