Voyage on Uncanny Seas

The exhibition Voyage on Uncanny Seas, curated by Mark Dion, at the Gallery Diet in Miami, Florida, convenes a collection of visual artists committed to a focused consideration of the Ocean, including works by Brian Booth, David Brooks, Barbara de Vries, Klara Hobza, Pam Longobardi, Katherine McLeod, James Prosek, Alexis Rockman, Dana Sherwood, Juan Valadez, and Bryan Wilson.

Katherine McLeod, "Two Triangles, 2011"

Arctic Ocean Diversity

Susan Farnham, a Fairbanks artist, has been working with Dr. Bodil Bluhm and Dr. Rolf Gradinger, biological oceanographers at the UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, to create artwork that celebrates the northern creatures they study.

Beyond the Edge of the Sea

The heart of the Beyond the Edge of the Sea exhibit is the work of illustrator, Karen Jacobsen, who has accompanied oceanographer Cindy Lee Van Dover on submersible dives to deep-sea hot springs and cold seeps, capturing stunning animals and landscapes in her watercolor illustrations.

The Deep

Film director Claire Nouvian has worked alongside Census scientists studying the continental margins to capture some amazing photographs for her exhibition The Deep. The exhibit succeeds in relaying a great amount of information about life in the ocean depths, while capturing audiences’ imaginations with its powerful and striking imagery.


Deeper Than Light

MAR-ECO’s travelling exhibition of abyssal artwork, “Deeper than Light”, showed in its home town of Bergen before continuing to Valencia, North America, and London. As part of Science Week (Forskningdagene), MAR-ECO held an Open House involving tours, speakers and music.

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