"Look to the Sea" - A Census Inspired Song

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A Census-inspired song, Look to the Sea, by singer/composer Maryann Camilleri, musician Jerry Harrison (formerly of the Talking Heads), and engineer David Dennison (responsible for numerous recordings of Jerry Garcia), with accompanying video produced by National Geographic Television/Digital Studio is available for free download here. View the Lyrics (PDF).

Music and Lyrics by Maryann Camilerri
Video by National Geographic Digital Studio
Animation by Cable Hardin

Dave Dennison’s recording studio, the Hip Hut, in California’s redwood forest. Jeff Cleland, Karl Derfler, Edwin Santos, and Maryann Camilleri (left to right).
Recorded at the Hip Hut, Fairfax, California
Maryann Camilleri, Lead Vocalist
Jeff Cleland, Bassist
David Dennison, Guitarist and Studio Owner
Karl Derfler, Recording and Mixing Engineer
Karla Downey, Female Backing Vocalist
Jerry Harrison, Keyboard Solo
Armando Torbiner, Assistant Engineer
Edwin Santos, Drums and Percussion
Jamison Smeltz, Male Backing Vocalist

Jerry Harrison and Karl Derfler in studio the day Jerry's keyboard solo was recorded.
Maryann Camilleri - songwriter, lead vocalist Originally from Sydney, Australia, Maryann writes pop/rock and classical music. She holds a Masters in Music Composition, works editing music scores, teaching music at the San Francisco Academy of Art, and also performs as a vocalist. She has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 7 years.

Jeff Cleland - bassist Jeff is a pro bass player performing with various professional Bay Area bands. He trained at the Berklee School of Music. He also manages the famous Hyde Street Studios in San Fracnisco where an endless list of well known artists have recorded including Bonnie Ratt, Chris Isaak, Willie Nelson, and the Grateful Dead.

David Dennison - guitarist and studio owner Dave is a recording engineer, with clients including Jerry Garcia, David Grisman and John Sebastian. Dave is also an independent sound system designer and instructor who oversees Meyer Sound installations and training around the world. He has done live event support for Three Tenors, Celine Dion, and The Dalai Lama.

Karl Derfler - recording and mixing engineer Karl is an internationally acclaimed recording engineer, who works with such acts as, Talking Heads, No Doubt, and Tom Waitts. He also works frequently in Europe producing dance mixes and film scores. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Karla Downey - female backing vocalist Karla is a dynamic vocalist performing with various professional cover bands and in musical theatre in the Bay Area.

Jerry Harrison - keyboard solo A songwriter, musician, producer. Of Talking Heads fame as their keyboardist/guitarist, Jerry has also had a successful solo career and currently as a producer. He has produced huge acts such as No Doubt, Crash Test Dummies, and Violent Femmes. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Edwin Santos - drums/precussion Edwin is one of the Bay Areas finest drummers. He performs regularly with a diverse range of professional Bay bands.

Jamison Smeltz - male backing vocalist Although Jamison sings on "Look to the Sea" he is an accomplished saxophonist who plays with many professional Bay Area bands, and teaches band music at several schools East Bay schools.

Armando Torbiner - assistant engineer Armando is an independent recording and live sound engineer. His clients include Hot Butttered Rum and Blue Turtle Seduction.

David Dennison and Maryann Camilleri posing with a "Yeti Crab," one of the new species discovered by Census of Marine Life scientists, at the premier of the "Look to the Sea" song and video—October 6, 2010, London Museum of Natural History.