Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller is a sculptor based in Beijing, China.  His recent ceramic sculptures have been influenced by the mysteries of the deep.  He uses hundreds of parts attached to a core shape, that when assembled amass to create organic stuctures.  The parts used can be reorganized to make numerous variations akin to the compelling diversity of life underwater.  The research done by marine scientists gives Jeff an abundance of material from which to work.

Neel Korteweg

Neel Korteweg is a well-known Dutch artist living and working in Amsterdam. Her recent book, Atlantis Zoo, features sculpture of imaginary sea creatures created from natural materials found while combing the Atlantic beaches of Coutainville, France.

Anne Berg Edvardsen

Norwegian artist Anne Berg Edvardsen uses sculpture to communicate things one can only “see” with one’s hands. A research expedition in the winter of 2006 inspired her to create a body of sculpture to accompany her master’s thesis: Where Art and Research Meet. Her sculptures are unglazed clay in various shades of white.

William van Orden

Over the course of the last decade, British Columbia based sculptor and painter William van Orden has developed a technique for making extremely accurate replicas of the marine life found along the coastline of the Pacific Northwest. 

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