Census Resources

Census Secretariat
The Census of Marine Life and its Scientific Steering Committee are coordinated by a Secretariat based at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership in Washington, D.C.

Steering Committee
The Scientific Steering Committee is an international group of scientists that form the governing body of the Census. This group provides conceptual guidance, determines scientific goals, and oversees the progress and direction of the program.

Census Synthesis
The Census Synthesis will bring together all of the information learned over the course of the program into a series of publications, videos, and other communications products. Important dates, deadlines, and upcoming Census activities are outlined on the 2009-2010 Synthesis Calendar.

Monthly Updates
Digests of Census project activities can be downloaded in PDF format from the Secretartiat site.

E & O Newsletter
Archived PDFs of "News From the Census", the monthly newsletter of the Education & Outreach team.

Partners and Sponsors
The many accomplishments of the Census of Marine Life would not be possible without the collaboration and support of many programs, organizations, government agencies, and foundations. Click on the link above for a complete list of Census Partners and Sponsors.

Bibliographic Database
A bibliography of publications and scientific journals related to the Census of Marine Life.

Community Database
A directory of scientists, educators and others involved in the Census of Marine Life Community.

Partner Resources
Materials and information for Census participants (password required for access).

Quick Links:  The links below take you directly to program and project websites.

Census Secretariat:
Census Secretariat
Scientific Steering Committee
Census Synthesis

Census Projects:
ArcOD - Arctic Ocean Diversity
CAML - Census of Antarctic Marine Life
CeDAMar - Census of the Diversity of Abyssal Marine Life
CenSeam - Census of Marine Life on Seamounts
ChEss - Biogeography of Deep-Water Chemosynthetic Ecosystems
CMarZ - Census of Marine Zooplankton
COMARGE - Continental Margins
CReefs - Census of Coral Reefs
GoMA - Gulf of Maine Program
ICoMM - International Census of Marine Microbes
MAR-ECO - Mid-Atlantic Ridge Ecosystem Project
NaGISA - Natural Geography in Shore Areas
POST - Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project
TOPP - Tagging of Pacific Predators
FMAP - Future of Marine Animal Populations
HMAP - History of Marine Animal Populations
OBIS - Ocean Biogeographic Information Systems

National and Regional Implementation Committees (NRICs):
Indian Ocean
United States

Affiliated Projects:
Marine Barcode of Life
SCOR Technology Panel
World Register of Marine Species
Gulf of Mexico
Great Barrier Reef