Central Waters

North Atlantic Mid-Ocean Biodiversity: What did we Learn?—O.A. Bergstad with Ó. Ásthórsson, I. Byrkjedal, A.V. Gebruk, J.A. Perez, U. Piatkowski,I.G. Priede, R. S. Santos, M. Vecchione, P. Lorance

North Atlantic Mid-Ocean Biodiversity: What did we Share?—A. Aspen with G. Langhelle, S. Sælensminde, M. Steffensen, J. Høyer, E. Bartle, Anette Petersen, N. King
Surveying the patterns of life in the understudied depths of the South Atlantic: continuing the legacy of the MAR-ECO project (CoML) into the southern mid-Atlantic ridge—J.A.A .Perez, with E. Alves, A. Barreto, A. Lima, A.V. Gebruk, S. Kobyliansky, V. Alder, J. Augustin, M.R. Clark, P.M. Maciel, D.O. Pires, R.S. Santos, B. v. Zyl, O.A. Bergstad
DNA Barcoding of Marine Zooplankton—Ann Bucklin with Blanco-Bercial, L., R. Machida, B.D. Ortman, R.M. Jennings, and L.M. Nigro
Images from the Census of Marine Zooplankton—N. J. Copley with R.R. Hopcroft, C. Clarke-Hopcroft, L.P. Madin, and K. Joyce
Zooplankton species discovery in a biodiversity hotspot: marginal seas of Southeast Asia—S.S. Nishida with Ohtsuka, J. Nishikawa, et al.
Sampling the deep sea: zooplankton and fish of the North Atlantic—P. H. Wiebe with S. Schnack-Schiel, T.T. Sutton, L.P. Madin, M.V. Angel, F. Pagés, R.R. Hopcroft, D. Lindsay, others
Tagging of Pacific Predators: Understanding Apex Marine Predator Movements in a Dynamic Ocean—Barbara A. Block with Dan Costa, Ian Jonsen, Arliss Winship, Sal Jorgensen, Steve Bograd, Scott Shaffer, Elliot Hazen, Greg Breed, Autumn-Lynn Harrison, Randy Kochevar, Heidi Dewar, James Ganong, Alan Switenbank, Mike Castleton and Bruce Mate