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About This Site

The Investigating Marine Life component of the Census of Marine Life web site introduces the research and technology used by the Census of Marine Life program to investigate what lives, has lived, and will live in the world's oceans. Presently, there are two streams to explore on the site. One focuses on the individual Census research programs, and the other focuses on the technologies that Census scientists use to conduct their investigations.

This web site has been developed by the University of Rhode Island's (URI) Office of Marine Programs (OMP). Significant contributions come from all the constituent Census projects as well as numerous outside oceanographic and scientific sources credited where appropriate. This site was developed and produced with funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

The URI Office of Marine Programs' marine and environmental education outreach efforts incorporate scientific research and science content in programming for a variety of audiences including students and teachers,journalists, and the general public. The foundation for OMP programs is the preparation of today's citizens for the life of tomorrow, allowing them to acquire new kinds of information, resulting in a better understanding of their relationship with the natural world.

OMP Investigating Marine Life Team:
  • Gail Scowcroft, Project Director, Associate Director of OMP
  • Niels Hobbs, Marine Research Associate
  • Peter Cook, OMP Web Master
  • Christopher Knowlton, Marine Research Associate
  • Rebecca Briggs, Marine Research Specialist
  • Sunshine Menezes, Marine Research Specialist
  • Heather Leba, URI Undergraduate, Marine Biology

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