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Census of Marine Life on Seamounts (CenSeam)
Seamounts are prominent features of the world's underwater topography and hotspots of marine life in the vast expanses of the open oceans. Although recognized as ecologically, evolutionarily, and economically important areas, these ecosystems are still poorly understood. Seamounts have been sampled since the 19th Century but it is only in recent decades that deep water technologies have enabled effective sampling and visits to these habitats. CenSeam marks a new era in seamount research, uniting scientists from many countries to fill critical gaps in our knowledge and understanding of these systems.

This three-dimensional topographic image is of the Bear Seamount in the Atlantic Ocean. It is found 200 miles off the coast of the northeastern United States, rising about 2000m above the surrounding ocean floor, to 1100m below the surface (NOAA)

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