Highlights of a Decade of Discovery

A 64-page report that describes some of the scientific highlights of ten years of exploration, research and analysis undertaken by Census of Marine Life scientists.  Included is a description of the Census organizational structure.

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Media Preview: Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life


Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life: Making Ocean Life Count
(Cambridge University Press, 304 pages), by Paul V.R. Snelgrove.

An overview of Census insights and their implications.

First Census of Marine Life

Embargo: 08:30 EDT, 12:30 GMT, 13:30 UK Summer Time, Monday, 4 October 2010

Contacts: Mr. Terry Collins, +1-416-878-8712; +1-416-538-8712; tc [at] tca [dot] tc
Mr. Gregg Schmidt, +1-202-701-3220; +1-202- 448-1231; gschmidt [at] oceanleadership [dot] org
Ms. Darlene Trew Crist, +1-401-952-7692; +1-401-295-1356; darlene [dot] crist [at] cox [dot] net

Media Preview of Articles (Appendix 4)

Overview Articles:
Marine Biodiversity and Biogeography – Regional Comparisons of Global Issues, An Introduction
Ron O’Dor, Patricia Miloslavich, Kristen Yarincik (contact:  rodor [at] oceanleadership [dot] org
Media preview: http://www.plos
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