Human Edges Posters (TOPP, CReefs, NaGISA, GOMA, POST)

Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS): From Science to Outreach—A Universal Method to Collect Knowledge of the Unknown—Rusty Brainard with Nancy Knowlton, Julian Caley, Megan Moews, Molly Timmers, Laetitia Plaisance, Amanda Toperoff

The Diversity of Coral Reefs: Molecular Tools Help Us Understand What Exists and What We Could be Losing—Nancy Knowlton with Julian Caley, Rusty Brainard, Laetitia Plaisance, Ryuji Machida, Megan Moews
Diversity! Census of Coral Reef Ecosystems Scientists Discover New Species and Fascinating Diversity!—Nancy Knowlton with Julian Caley, Rusty Brainard, Megan Moews, Laetitia  Plaisance, Amanda Toperoff
Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef Seabed Biodiversity—C.R. Pitcher with Browne, M., Venables W., Ellis N., Doherty P.J., Hooper J.N.A., Gribble N.
A Comparison of Regional Marine Biodiversity Studies and Their Application to Ecosystem-Based Management—Sara L. Ellis with Lewis S. Incze, Peter Lawton, Brian R. MacKenzie, C. Roland Pitcher,   Thomas C. Shirley, Henn Ojaveer, John W. Tunnell, and Margit Eero
Size-Scale Strategies for Understanding Biodiversity in the Gulf of Maine Area—Lewis S. Incze with Peter Lawton, Sara L. Ellis, Peter J. Auster, Anna Metaxas, Ellen Kenchington, Paul V.R. Snelgrove, Nicholas H. Wolff, Stephen J. Smith, Michelle E. Greenlaw
Biodiversity Knowledge and its Application in the Gulf of Maine Area, Northwest Atlantic Shelf—    Peter Lawton with Lewis S. Incze, Sara L. Ellis, Catherine L. Johnson, Noreen E. Kelly, Scott D. Kraus, Peter F. Larsen, William K.W. Li, Jeffrey Runge, Michael E. Sieracki, R. Kent Smedbol, Lou Van Guelpen, Gerhard W. Pohle, Nicholas H. Wolff, Michelle E. Greenlaw, Chelsie A. Archibald, and Ashley E. Holmes
Gulf of Mexico
Comprehensive Regional Assessment of Known Biodiversity in a Large Marine Ecosystem: The Gulf of Mexico Effort—John W. Tunnell, Jr. and Fabio Moretzsohn with Darryl L. Felder, and David K. Camp
Global-scale biodiversity patterns in nearshore ecosystems—Katrin Iken with Brenda Konar, Juan Jose Cruz, Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi, Gerhard Pohle, Patricia Miloslavich, Ann Knowlton, Edward Kimani, Yoshihisa Shirayama
Exploring the nearshore: educating the next generation—Ann Knowlton with Katrin Iken, Brenda Konar, Juan Jose Cruz, Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi, Gerhard Pohle, Patricia Miloslavich, Edward Kimani, Yoshihisa    Shirayama
Niceville HS Synergistic Involvement of High School Students in Graduate Level Research Opportunities: A Foundation for Unprecedented Success in Achieving NaGISA’s Goals—Stephanie Y. Hsiang with Kyle S. Saleeby
Acoustic tracking of marine animals in the Northeast Pacific—Jonathan Thar
Migratory behavior and habitat use of North American green sturgeon—Steve Lindley with Dan Erickson and Mary Moser