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December 7, 2004. Le Monde.
"Explorateurs d'abysses",1-0@2-3244,36-389940,0.html

December 1, 2004. Voice of America.
"Census of Marine Life Reveals Ocean's Hidden Treasures"

November 23, 2004. Nouvelobs.
"13.000 espèces marines découvertes en une année"

November 24, 2004. TV 5 France.
"L'Ifremer, 20 ans au chevet des océans, mondes insondables"

November 24, 2004. Xinhuanet.
"New species found in ocean search"

November 24, 2004. El Mundo.
"Descubren 13.000 neuvas especies en el fondo del mar"

November 24,2004. Angola Press.
"Faune marine: 38.000 espèces répertoriées dans une banque de données"

November 24, 2004. Sydney Morning Herald.
"Gaps on the marine map reflect our vast oceans of ignorance"

November 23, 2004. BBC News.
"Scientists tap into ocean's secrets"

November 23, 2004. MSNBC.
"Scientists finding two new fish species a week"

November 23, 2004. The New York Times.
"Whale-speak defined"

November 23, 2004. The New York Times.
"Scientists find 178 new species in oceans"

November 23, 2004. Scotsman.
"Ocean deep yields its secrets as 106 new fish species discovered"

November, 23, 2004. The Irish Times.
"It's true, there are plenty more fish in the sea"
1123/1031109777HM1MARINELIFE.htm l

November 23, 2004. New Scientist.
"Ocean census reveals hidden depths"

November 23, 2004. The Guardian.
"The biggest fishing trip of all time: $1bn survey unravels mysteries of the deep"

November 23, 2004. Scripps News.
"Researchers probe marine mysteries off the Alaskan Coast"

November 23, 2004. NouvelOBS.
"13.000 espèces marines découvertes en une année"

November 23, 2004.
"Faune marine: 38 000 espèces répertoriées"

Med tak for spændende interview er hermed et link hvor du fra kl. 13:00 idag kan høre radioprogrammet Copenhagen Calling, hvor du er med:

Fall 2004. Resources Magazine.
"One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish. What is the value of a Census of Marine Life?"

October 28, 2004. Slate.
"Who Got To Name the Tiny Humans? Species identification 101."

October 6, 2004. Weymouth News
"Mom and Pop Whitman: Focus on ocean exploration"

September 24, 2004. University of Alaska, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences News
"Scientists discover new marine habitat in Alaska"

September 27, 2004. ABC Rural Radio, Australia
"Real picture for fish species", Interview with HMAP scientist Neil Klaer

September 20, 2004. Science Update
Ocean Census, Interview with Ron O'Dor, Senior Scientist, Census of Marine Life

August 16, 2004. US News and World Report
"The Blue Planet"

September 2004. Dive Training
"Census of Marine Life: How scientists intend to count all the fishes in the sea"
PDF copy of article (2.2MB)

September 17, 2004. Stories in the News
"UAF scientist discover new marine habitat in Alaska"

August 21, 2004. NRC Handelsblad
"Hengelen op de oceaanbodem"

August 6, 2004. NRC Handelsblad
"Speurtocht naar leven in diepzee"

August 6, 2004. Nature
"Delights in the Deep"

August 22, 2004. Petroluem News
"Arctic troubles include melting ice, Mac landslide, sovereignty"

August 20, 2004. Portland Press Herald
"And now, the weather: Nations warm to worldwide forecasts"

August 19, 2004. Wired News
"Finding Nemo by microchip"

August 18, 2004. Dr Nyheder, Denmark
"Ingen vej uden om en fiskeriafgift"

August 18, 2004. Politiken, Denmark
"Fiskeri på afgrundens rand"

August 12, 2004. Voice of America Radio Interview
"International Mission to US Mid-Atlantic Finds New Species, Deep-Sea Mysteries"

August 6, 2004. O Estado de S. Paulo, Brazil
"Expedição garimpa criaturas raras no fundo do Atlántico"

August 6, 2004. NRK Hordaland
"Oppdaget en ny verden under havet"

August 6, 2004. BA (Photo Gallery from GO Sars cruise)
"BILDESERIE Se bildene fra atlanterhavstoktet til 'G.O. Sars'"

August 6, 2004. Taipei Times, Taiwan
"Scientists discover new species of fish"

August 6, 2004. Pravda, Russia

August 6, 2004. Azer Tag, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
"Marine expedition finds life and mysteries in the deep"

August 6, 2004. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany
"Neue Fische im Gebirge"

August 6, 2004. Prensa Latina, Cuba
"Nuevas especies en el fondo del Atlántico"

August 5, 2004. El Universal, Venezuela
"Expedición devela nuevas especies en profundidades del Atlántico"

August 6, 2004. Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia.
"Atlantic deep dive nets new species".

August 5, 2004. MSNBC News (Includes slide show).
"Deep sea search finds species surprises".

August 5, 2004. Globe and Mail, Canada.
"Something new discovered in Mid-Atlantic Ridge".

August 5, 2004. Yahoo! News, Associated Press story.
"Marine expedition finds new species".

August 5, 2004. Mail and Guardian, South Africa
"Marine expedition finds new species".

August 5, 2004. USA Today.
"Marine expedition finds new species, deep-sea mysteries".

August 4, 2004., Scotland.
"Professor discovers secrets of deep dark love".

July 5, 2004. The Scotsman - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
"SCIENTISTS Set off on Deep Sea Quest"

July 5, 2004. Washington Post
"Scientists to Plumb Arctic Depths"

June 26, 2004. CBC News and Current Affairs.
Under The Icecap: It's called the oldest water in the world and what lives in the depths is about to be seen for the first time. Marty Bergman (Department of Fisheries)
CBC Radio coverage can be heard in RealAudio by clicking the link at

June 24, 2004. Yahoo News
"Arctic Ocean Survey May Reveal Lost World" -- Experts

24 June, 2004. Reuters.
"Arctic Ocean Survey May Reveal Lost World"

June 24, 2004. BBC News.
"Hunt seeks unique Arctic sealife"

June 24, 2004. Independent.
"Mission to depths of endangered Arctic Ocean hopes to discover thousands of new species"

June 24, 2004. CNN International.
"Arctic abyss may reveal lost world"

June 24, 2004. CBC News.
"Scientists launch census of Arctic Ocean"


June 24, 2004. News 24, South Africa.
"Census takes on deep Arctic"

June 24, 2004. Sydney Morning Herald.
"Scientists go into the abyss to a world frozen in time"

June 24, 2004. Presina Latin, Mexico.
"Expertos investigarán las profundidades del Océano Artico"

June 24, 2004., Argentina.
"Adelantan censo de vida marina en el Artico por el cambio climático"

June 24, 2004., France.
"Des scientifiques jugent urgent un recensement de la vie marine en Arctique"

June 25, 2004. Radio Caracol, Columbia.
"Censo de vida marina en Artico acelerado por cambio climático"

June 7, 2004. The Norway Post
"International Marine Research Expedition Underway".


July, 2004. Earthwatch Radio Interview.
Earthwatch reporter Diane Pansky interviews Census scientist Michael Vecchione about what scientists expect to find during a two-month cruise this summer to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge aboard the Norwegian research vessel, GO Sars. (Zip file).

May 15, 2004. Dutch Newspaper: Brabants Dagblad.
"Zweven in de zee door"

May 15, 2004. Radio RTE, Galway, Ireland.
Giselle Firme of the International Secretariat of the Census of Marine Life interveiwed on the Seascapes Program on Irish National Public Radio in Galway Ireland on May 15, 2004 while attending the Eurocean 2004 Conference.

May 1, 2004. NRC Handelsblad
"De Wapenwedloop op de bodem van de diepzee".
or download a pdf file without photographs.


April 24, 2004. -- Portland Press Herald Online.
"Go to Web for a swim in data on Maine's gulf".

April 21, 2004. USA Today.
"Doubled protection of oceans, aquatic life urged".

March 22, 2004.
"KU marine life expert works from dry land".

March 9, 2004. Science Daily.
"Duke study gives first worldwide measure of sea turtle casualties by longline fishing".

March 2004. Scuba Diving.
"Searching for new signs of life".
Reprinted here with permission of the author. Download article (103K).

February 27, 2004.
"One-Stop Taxonomy"

February 26, 2004. Whyflies.
"Tracking creatures through the trackless sea".

February 25, 2004. Stanford Report.
"Following a dream, and tuna, with electronic tracking".

February 23, 2004. National Geographic News.
"Tagged animal 'army' help map ocean, expert says".

February 19, 2004. The Economist.
"From black box to blue box".

February 14, 2004. Nature.
"Safeguarding the Ocean Road".

February 14, 2004. The Guardian.
"Ocean 'road' safety key to survival".,7369,1148076,00.html


February 14, 2004. The Scotsman.
"Experts to keep tabs on 5,000 Pacific creatures".

February 14, 2004 (subscription). Financial Times.
"Tagged marine animals shown to swim along ocean highways".

February 13, 2004. Innovations Report.
"New technologies reveal mysteries of marine megafauna".


February 13, 2004. New Scientist.
"Half of endangered turtles snared each year".

February 13, 2004. BBC News.
"Longlines imperil Pacific turtles".


February, 2004. NBC6 South Florida.
"Study Says Sharks Have Much To Fear From Humans"

January 11, 2004. Los Angeles Times.
"A closer look at unexplored worlds: Oceans".
Reprinted here with permission of the author. Download article (75K).

January 1, 2004. Communique - Publication of The American Zoo and Aquarium Association.
"Unprecedented Exploration of the Oceans Underway"