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December 28, 2005. Voice of America.
Interviews with Chief Scientist Ron O'Dor and POST project leader David Welch:
"Take Census of Marine Life"

December 28, 2005. Navhind Times. Panjim, India.
"An Insight into Oceanic Life"

December 17, 2005. Estadao (in Portuguese).
"Censo marinho cataloga 40 mil espécies em 5 anos"

December 16, 2005. Sciences et Avenir (in French).
"La vie marine suivie à la trace"

December 16, 2005. People's Daily China.
"There's a whole new world down there, census reveals"

December 16, 2005. The Daily Telegraph, Australia.
"Ocean census reveals weird and wonderful",10117,17579666-421,00.html

December 14, 2005. CBC Radio (Audio).
"'Fish with chips' reveal migration routes"

December 14, 2005. CTV Canada.
Video interview with Census Chief Scientist Ron O'Dor
"Canadians part of global marine life census"

December 15, 2005. Daily Telegraph.
"Scientists discover tsunami dead zone"

December 14, 2005. USA Today.
"Among sea's big surprises? Meat-eating sponges"

December 145, 2005. Aljazeera.
"'Fish with chips' reveal sea secrets"

December 15, 2005. Globe and Mail.
"Bright pink and flapping like Dumbo"

December 15, 2005. CNN.
"'Fish with Chip' reveal migration routes"

December 15, 2005. Daily Telegraph.
"Scientists discover tsunami dead zone"

December 15, 2005. Seattle Post Intelligencer, Associated Press.
"Marine census shows diversity, declines"

December 15, 2005. The Independent.
"Revealed: Meet the creatures of the deep who have never before been seen before"

December 14, 2005. Bloomberg News.
"'Dead zone' off Sumatra may be linked to quake, scientists say"

December 15, 2005. Christian Science Monitor.
"Among sea's biggest surprises? Meat-eating sponges"

December 15, 2005. BBC Mundo (Spanish).
"El profundo misterio de la nada"

December15, 2005. Associated Press in Jakarta (language: Bahasa Indonesia).
"Sensus Tunjukan Penurunan Populasi Berbagai Spesies Laut"

December 15, 2005. The Daily Telegraph.
"Tuna's 25,000-mile swim down marine highway"

December 15, 2005. MSNBC with slide show.
"'Fish with Chips' touted as key to seas"

December 14, 2005. (World's 4th top Internet news site).
"'Fish with Chips' reveal migration routes"

December 15, 2005. USA Today (10th top Internet news site).
"Among sea's biggest surprises? Meat-eating sponges."

November 17, 2005. Adenblatt, Hamburg, Germany
"Die Fische der ewigen Finsternis"

October 27, 2005. The Economist.
"When lobster was fertiliser"

November 5, 2005. InterPress Service.
"New Historical Data on the Seas Spells Alarm"

November 5, 2005. New Scientist, UK.
"Marauders continue to plunder the oceans"

November 4, 2005. Deutschlandfunk, Germany.
"Viele Überraschungen unterhalb der Meeresoberfläche"

November 3, 2005. Innovations Report, Germany.
"Scientists to eplore Grand Canyon of the ocean"

November 3, 2005. IDW.
"Into the Deep Blue"

November 1, 2005. New York Times.
"Old Menus Provide Clues About Shifting Seafood Tastes and Harvests"

October 23, 2005. Reuters.
"US menus and Romans may aid future fish stocks"

October 23, 2005. BBC News.
"Menu prices track fishing impact"

October 24, 2005. Terra Espana.
"La vida de las especies marinas vista a través de los menús"

October 24, 2005. Reuters UK.
"US menus and Romans may aid future fish stocks"

October 24, 2005
"Restaurant Menus Helping Ecologists Bid to Save Fish"

October 24, 2005. Environmental News Network.
"U.S. Menus, Romans May Aid Future Fish Stocks"

October 24, 2005. LeMatin.
"Des historiens rendent public un rapport sur la démographie dans les océan"

October 24, 2005. Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
"Researchers ponder old menus to save fisheries"

August 15, 2005. Voice of America.
"New Study Calls for Protection of Ocean's Big Fish"

August 13, 2005. Washington Post Editorial, USA.
"Fish hot spots are cooling off"

August 9, 2005. ABC News Online.
"Census to measure Antarctic marine life"

August 4, 2005., Russia.

August 5, 2005. OnKarriere.
"Meresforschung Arktische Tiefsee wimmelt von Leben"

July 30, 2005. CBS Evening News.
"Arctic Ocean Expedition: Interview with Census Senior Scientist Ron O'Dor"

July 31, 2005. Toronto Star.
"Cold beauty below ice cap"

July 30, 2005. Toronto Star.
"Deep-sea fishing for secrets of an alien world"

July 29, 2005. Toronto Star.
"Filling our eyes with the wonder of the Arctic"

July 29, 2005. New York Times.
"Scientists Warn Fewer Kinds of Fish Are Swimming the Oceans"

July 29, 2005. The Washington Post.
"Oceans Have Fewer Kinds Of Fish"

July 30, 2005. Globe and Mail.
"Icy Seas Teem with Iridescent Life"

July 30, 2005. Times of London.
"Hidden World Found Deep Below the Arctic",,3-1713537,00.html

July 29, 2005. Toronto Star.
"Panning for Science Under the Midnight Sun"
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July 30, 2005. Reuters.
"Arctic ocean depths teeming with life -- explorers"

June 15, 2005. TV SYD, Danish television.
"Forskere i Esbjerg afslører havenes gåde"

June 2005, Mar Salgado
"O censo da vida marinha"
(in Portuguese)

May 2, 2005. New York Times.
"Tracking the Imperiled Bluefin From Ocean to Sushi Platter"

April 27, 2005. BBC News.
"Tuna fishing policy 'misguided'"

April 27, 2005. ABC News.
"Scientists call for limits to protect tuna"

April 28, 2005. The Guardian, UK.
"Scientists call for urgent action to save Atlantic tuna"

April 27, 2005. Portland Herald, USA.
"Web site reels in Gulf of Maine Data"

April 12, 2005. ScienceBlog.
"Overfishing of Sharks Key in Coral Reef Decline"

April 12, 2005.
"Research Shows Overfishing Of Sharks Key Factor In Coral Reef Decline"

March 17, 2005. Nature.
"'Lophenteropneust' hypothesis refuted by collection and photos of new deep-sea hemichordates".
A summary of this article is available at :

March 17, 2005. Nature.
"'Lophenteropneust' hypothesis refuted by collection and photos of new deep-sea hemichordates"

March 17, 2005. IMR, Norway.
"Et mysterium er løst"

March 2, 2005. Hamburger Abendblatt, Germany.
"Tiefsee: Auf der Suche nach den Tintenfischen"

March 1, 2005. Innovations Report, Germany.
"First ever estimate of cod fishery in 1850s reveals 96% decline on Scotian Shelf"

March 2, 2005. InterPress Service, Global.
"US cod stocks down by 96 percent"

March 2, 2005. Planet Ark, Norway.
"US 1850 Schooner Records Hint at Fish Abundance"

March 1, 2005. Radio Canada, Quebec.
"Le dernier stock de morue en péril"

March 1, 2005. National Post, Canada.
"North Atlantic cod stock just 5 percent of what they were: study"

March 1, 2005. Globe and Mail, Canada.
"Scientists cast further back in time to measure cod decline"

March 1, 2005. Eurek Alert.
"First ever estimate of cod fishery in 1850s reveals 96% decline on Scotian Shelf"

March 1, 2005. Reuters, UK.
"U.S. 1850 schooner records hint at fish abundance"

March 1, 2005. Financial Times, UK.
"Cod off NAmerica 'has fallen by 96%"

March 1, 2005. Keralanext, India.
"U.S. 1850 schooner records hint at fish abundance"

March 1, 2005. Toronto Star, Canada.
"North Atlantic really was full of cod"

March 1, 2005. Alaska Highway News, Canada.
"History bears witness to cod stock's decline"

March 1, 2005. Halifax Herald, Canada.
"Study: Cod stocks at 4% of 1850s numbers"

January 24, 2005. Weekly Reader.
"Census goes swimmingly"

February 22, 2005. Europa, The Netherlands.
"Dutch scientists plumb the depths for microbes".

February, 2005 Florida Sportsman.
"Headed for the Abyss: Industrial fishing is leading to the extinction of apex predators".

February 15, 2005. Holland Sentinel.
"New signs of decline in big fish"

February 10, 2005. The Guardian, UK.
"Search for life goes deeper"

February 9, 2005. United Press International, Washington Times.
"Fish populations drop in North Atlantic"

February 4, 2005. Innovations Report, Netherlands.
"First worldwide search for all microbes of the oceans starts now"

February 4, 2005. MSNBC News.
"New organisms found in deepest seas story illustrated with Census slide show"

January 24, 2005. Weekly Reader.
"Census goes swimmingly"

January 10, 2005. Masmar.
"Más de 13 mil especies nuevas de fauna marina encontradas"

January 10, 2005. Scholastic News Magazine.
"Creatures of the Deep"