News Coverage Archive 2006

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December 22, 2006. Science Daily.
"Expedition observes little known beaked whales"

December 10 2006. The Observer, UK.
"End of the line",,1966545,00.html

December 11, 2006. Slashdot, News for Nerds.
"Many new species found under Antarctica"

December 11, 2006. New Scientist.
Marine census reveals 'Jurassic shrimp' and more

December 12, 2006. Turkish Daily News.
"Scientists seek to unlock mysteries of the deep seas"

December 11, 2006. CBC News, Canada.
"Scientists discover new species in ocean depths"

December 11, 2006. Washington Post.
"Scientists Marvel at Sea Life Miles Deep"

December 11, 2006. People's Chinese Daily.
"Life thrives at searing sea vents, under ice"

October 31, 2006. Honolulu Advertiser.
"Trove of new species at French Frigate Shoals"

October 31, 2006. KHNO TV 2, Honolulu.
"New creatures in Northwest Hawaiian Isles"

October 25, 2006. Christian Science Monitor.
"Hopes brighten for curb on damaging ocean fishing"

October 30, 2006. Star-Bulletin, Hawaii.
"Hawaii atoll trip IDs 100 new species"

October 30, 2006. United Press International.
"New species abound in NW Hawaiian Islands"

October 30, 2006. Monsters and Critics, UK.
"New species abound in NW Hawaiian Islands"

October 30, 2006. Mongabay.
"100 species discovered in Hawaii"

August 28, 2006. Malaysia Star.
"Global warming scourge"

August 1, 2006. The Independent, UK.
"Oceans teeming with 10 million kinds of microbe"

August 1, 2006. TechNews World.
"Ocean microbe census reveals diverse world of rare bacteria"

August 1, 2006. CBC News.
"Thousands of bacterial species discovered in oceans"

August 1, 2006. Reuters.
"Oceans teem with bacteria, many unknown-study"

August 8, 2006. The Telegraph.
"Around the world in 200 days: sea bird's amazing 40,000-mile trip"

August 11, 2006. Monsters and Critics.
"Sooty Shearwaters Set Migration Record"

August 8, 2006. New York Times.
"SIDE EFFECTS; Travel the World (Virtually) on the Wings of a Bird"

August 8, 2006. The Independent.
"Bird-brained behaviour: The ultimate migration"

August 1, 2006. United Press International.
"Scientists view of ocean may be all wrong"

August 1, 2006. Lenta.Ru.
"Russian news story about ocean microbes (in Russian)"

August 1, 2006., Madagascar.
"Pictures of rare marine bacteria discovered in ocean"
Photo spread in Madagascar:

July 29, 2006. Globe and Mail.
"We don't know what's in the ocean"

July 16, 2006. ABC News.
"Scientists seek to spy on world's fish"

July 28, 2006. Radio Canada International.
"Interview with Census Senior Scientist Ron O'Dor about the Ocean Tracking Network"

June 30, 2006. Earth Watch Diary of a Planet.
"Census Ocean Tracking Network"

June 27, 2006. Telegraph, UK.
"Tag project will track ocean life"

June 27, 2006. Cadena Global, Venezuela.
"Peces con chips recorrerán los océanos"

June 27, 2006. El Mundo, Spain.
"Miles de peces con 'chips' surcarán los mares para controlar los movimientos migratorios"

June 27, 2006. Reuters, Portuguese.
"Cientistas preparam sistema para 'espionar' peixes no mundo"

June 27, 2006. L'internaute, France.
"Vers un système de surveillance mondial pour suivre les migrations marines"

June 13, 2006. Science Poles.
"Climate change impacts differ for little-known Arctic and Antarctic sea-floor life"

May 25, 2006. Physics Today.
"Acoustic-Waveguide Sonar Finds Enormous Fish Shoals"

May 5, 2006. New Scientist, UK.
"Zooplankton survey plumbs the depths"

May 5, 2006. BBC News, UK.
"Deep ocean trawl nets 'new bugs'"

May 5, 2006. Pravda, Russia.
"Scientists discover smallest animals in the sea- Zooplankton"

May 5, 2006. Times of London, UK.
"New sea bug species found",,2-2165813.html

May 5, 2006. Reuters, South Africa.
"New species of fish found in Atlantic"

April 12, 2006. United Press International.
"North European sea fishing origins studied"

February 13, 2006. Der Spiegel, Germany.
"Volkszahlung im Meer",1518,400358,00.html

February 22, 2006. Veja, Brazil.
"O inventário do mar"

February 24, 2006. Santa Cruz Sentinel, USA.
"Ocean researchers praise data that arrives from animal tags"

February 24, 2006. Publico, Lisbon Portugal.
"Encontradas seis novas espécies depeixes no Atlantico"

March 7, 2006.New York Times.
"Scared of Sharks? Just Dive 10,000 Feet"

February 23, 2006. People's Daily Online, Beijing, China.
"Preference for shallow water puts sharks at risk"

February 23, 2006. CNET News.
"Oceans are 70 percent shark free, says new research"

February 23, 2006. Monsters & Critics.
"Study: Oceans are 70 percent shark-free"

February 23, 2006. MSNBC News.
"Sharks may be absent from ocean depths"

February 23, 2006. BBC, UK.
"Study warns of threat to sharks"

February 23, 2006. The Scotsman, UK.
"Sharks' future in doubt as they shun ocean depths"

February 23, 2006. The Sun, UK.
"Sharks in the shallows",,2-2006080571,00.html

February 23, 2006. 999 Today, TV.
"Oceans are 70 per cent shark-free, study finds"

February 23, 2006., Romania.
"A New Study Reveals That Oceans Are 70 Percent Shark Free"

February 23, 2006. Web India.
"Study: Oceans 70 percent shark-free"

February 23, 2006. United Press International.
"Study: Oceans 70 percent shark-free"

February 9, 2006. India Express.
"An Eye on Fish"

February 3, 2006. ZDNet.
"Better Tool for Counting Fish"

February 6, 2006. Washington Post.
"Huge Masses of Fish Tracked"

February 7, 2006. New York Times.
"Finding Fish (and Protecting Them)"

February 3, 2006. USA Today, USA.
"MIT scientists tracking fish with sonar"

February 3, 2006. CBS News, USA.
"MIT Scientists Tracking Fish With Sonar"

February 3, 2006. Boston Globe, USA.
"MIT scientists come up with better way to track fish populations"

February 3, 2006. WCSH TV News, Portland ME, USA.
"MIT scientists claim to have better way to track fish populations"

February 3, 2006. Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH, USA.
"A better way to track fish"

February 3, 2006. Leading the Charge Australia.
"MIT Scientists Tracking Fish With Sonar"

February 3, 2006. Innovations Report, Germany.
"One fish, two fish: New MIT sensor improves fish counts"

February 3, 2006. The Guardian, UK.
"Sonar system sheds light on fish numbers",,1701027,00.html

January 25, 2006. Saipan Tribune, Micronesia.
"Marine scientists going down to do census on reefs"

January 25, 2006. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Asia-Pacific News.
"Australian scientists join census on coral reefs"

January 25, 2006. Pacific Magazine, Hawaii.
"REGION: International Scientists To Study Coral Reefs"

January 25, 2006. The Age, Australia.
"Scientists undertake reef count"

January 25, 2006. North County Times, California.
"Scripps to conduct coral reefs census"

January 25, 2006. Washington File, Washington, D.C.
"International scientists to study coral reefs worldwide"

January 25, 2006. The Australian, Australia.
"A million new species and counting"

January 25, 2006. ABC News Online, Australia.
"Australian scientists join worldwide reef census project"

January 25, 2006. The Age, Australia.
"Scientists undertake reef headcount"

January 25, 2006. Washington File, USA.
"International Scientists To Study Coral Reefs Worldwide"

January 25, 2006. Sydney Morning Herald, Australia.
"Scientists undertake reef headcount"