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December 18, 2007. Science.
"Declining Wild Salmon Populations in Relation to Parasites from Farm Salmon"

December 12, 2007. EurekAlert!
"Ancient fish bones reveal impacts of global warming beneath the sea"

December 1, 2007. Science News Online.
"Hey, What about Us"

November 30, 2007. Science Magazine.
"Should Oceanographers Pump Iron?"

November 29, 2007. Science Daily.
"Climate Change and Life in the Southern Ocean"

November 29, 2007. Cordis.
"Polarstern heads for Antarctic"

November 27, 2007. IDW online.
"Climate Change and Life in the Southern Ocean - Research vessel Polarstern sets out for Antarctic research season" der_klimawandel_und_das_leben_im_suedlcihen_ozean_ forschungsschiff_polarstern_startet_antarktische/

November 25, 2007. EurekAlert.
"Marine scientists warn human safety, prosperity depend on better ocean observing system."

November 23, 2007. IDW online.
"25 years of research in polar seas aboard the research vessel Polarstern"

November 19, 2007. Practical Fishkeeping.
"Four out of five marine fish described already"

November 18, 2007. San Diego Union Tribune.
"Research team getting a rare glimpse of notorious predators in waters off the California coast"
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November 14, 2007. Discover Magazine.
"The 6 Most Important Experiments in the World"

November 13, 2007. First Science.
"How much fish have we got?"
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November 6, 2007. Blogcritics Magazine.
"Greed, Soup and The Rape of the Oceans"

October 25, 2007. Blogcritics Magazine.
"Movie Review: Sharkwater"

July 21, 2007. The Royal Gazette.
"Underwater Intelligence"

July 9, 2007. IPS News
"Science: 350 Degrees is Bathwater to these Animals"

July 2007. Science.
"Fragile Frontiers in the Abyss"

July 2007. Down East Magazine: The Magazine of Maine.
"Race Against Time"

June/July 2007. Blue Planet - News to Us
"Treasure Trove of Marine Life Discovered"

June 24, 2007. Star Bulletin
"Creatures from the abyss "

June 21, 2007. FirstScience News.
"International team to honor 30th anniversary of deep-sea vent discovery in Galapagos"

June 26, 2007. Gizmag.
"30th Anniversary of Deep-Sea Vent discovery"

June 4, 2007. The Japan Times, Japan.
"Oceans Being Emptied of Fish"

June 1, 2007. Science.
"Response to Comments on Impacts of Biodiversity Loss on Ocean Ecosystem Services"

May 25, 2007. ScienceAlert. Australia & New Zealand.
"Ocean management goes global"

May 24, 2007. EurekAlert.
"MBL scientist Julie Huber receives 2007 L'Oreal USA Fellowship for Women in Science"

May 17, 2007. Nature.
"First insights into the biodiversity and biogeography of the Southern Ocean deep sea"

May 16, 2007. BBC News.
"Antarctic 'treasure trove' found"

May 16, 2007. Discovery News.
"Antarctica Yields New Life"

May 17, 2007. The Guardian, UK.
"Deep Antarctic waters reveal hundreds of new species",,2081593,00.html

May 16, 2007. National Geographic News.
"Bizarre New Deep-Sea Creatures Found Off Antarctica"

May 8, 2007. CBS News.
"The Greatest Encyclopedia of All Time?"

May 9, 2007.
"Life on Earth: The ultimate catalogue"

Spring 2007. Dukenvironment.
"Mapping out solutions for marine conservation"

March 14, 2007. Washington Post.
"Sea yields surprising catch of unknown genes"

March 14, 2007. The China Post.
"Yacht voyage turns up sample of genes"

March 14, 2007. Reuters UK.
"Yacht voyage turns up abundant sample of genes"

February 27, 2007. National Geographic News.
"Antarctic Ice Breakups Reveal New Species"

February 26, 2007. New Scientist.
"Life under Larsen revealed by Antarctic survey"

February 26, 2007. CNN International.
"Antarctic ice melt reveals exotic creatures"

February 26, 2007. The Times, UK.
"Unseen species revealed as ice shelf breaks"

February 26, 2007. The Telegraph.
"Antarctica reveals secrets as sea ice vanishes"

February 26, 2007. China View, China.
"Antarctic ice shelves' collapse unveils exotic ecosystem"

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February 25, 2007. Reuters.
"Exotic animals seen where Antarctic ice used to be"

February 25, 2007. Live Science.
"Strange new creatures found in Antarctica"

February 25, 2007. Belfast Telegraph.
"Antarctic expedition reveals new underwater world"

February 25, 2007.
"Antarctic marine explorers reveal first biological changes after collapse of polar ice shelves"

February 25, 2007., Romania.
"Scientists Discover 12-armed Sea-star After Ice Lid Taken Off Bay"

February 20, 2007. BBC.
"Robo-sub takes Antarctic plunge"

January 7, 2007. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute News.
"Undescribed species in our backyard"

January 7, 2007., UK.
"Report urges lobstermen to reduce traps"

December 22, 2006. Science Daily.
"Expedition observes little known beaked whales"

December 12, 2006. Turkish Daily News.
"Scientists seek to unlock mysteries of the deep seas"

December 11, 2006. Slashdot, News for Nerds.
"Many new species found under Antarctica"

December 11, 2006. New Scientist.
Marine census reveals 'Jurassic shrimp' and more

December 11, 2006. CBC News, Canada.
"Scientists discover new species in ocean depths"

December 11, 2006. Washington Post.
"Scientists Marvel at Sea Life Miles Deep"

December 11, 2006. People's Chinese Daily.
"Life thrives at searing sea vents, under ice"

December 10 2006. The Observer, UK.
"End of the line",,1966545,00.html