News Coverage Archive 2008

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December 4, 2008.  The New York Times.
“The Life of an Antarctic Archipelago”

December 1, 2008. Guardian.
“Antarctic seas richer in life than Galapagos Islands, study claims”

December 1, 2008. Science Daily.
“Antarctica Has More Species Than Galapagos, First Comprehensive Inventory of Antarctic Life Shows”

November 25, 2008. The Globe and Mail.
“Try the catch quota – and save the fisheries”

November 11, 2008. Daily Mail.
“Aliens of the deep: The weird and wonderfully wobbly animals discovered by ‘sea census’”

November 10, 2008. ABC Science.
“Census finds giant bacteria and oysters”

November 10, 2008. New Scientist.
“New species from out of the blue.”

November 10, 2008. El Pais.
“El pulpo que vino de la Antártida”

November 10, 2008. 20 minutos.
“Censo de la Vida Marina”

November 10, 2008. ABC Science.
“Census finds giant bacteria and oysters”

November 9, 2008. The Boston Globe.
“Under the Sea: A Wave of Discoveries”

November 9, 2008. USA Today.
“Census of world’s sea life tallies up tentacles of surprises”

November 9, 2008. CNN.
“Wonders of ocean life counted in massive census”

November 9, 2008. The Boston Globe.
“Under the Sea: A Wave of Discoveries”

November 1, 2008. Santa Cruz Sentinel.
“UC Santa Cruz marine biologist appointed endowed chair in ocean health”

October 31, 2008. IPS News.
“Biodiversity: Unraveling the Mysteries of Salmon Migration”

October 30, 2008. Science Daily.
“Do Dams Make A Difference? Similar Survival Rates For Pacific Salmon In Fraser And Columbia Rivers”

October 30, 2008. Monterey County Weekly.
“Monterey Bay researchers discover the endangered turtles’ habits.”

October 30, 2008. Capital Press.
“Salmon study yields surprise result”

October 30, 2008. Atlanticville.
“Future of Ocean symposium”

October 29, 2008. BBC NEWS.
“Tags unlock young salmon secrets”

October 29, 2008. Contra Costa Times.
“Track the salmon in California”

October 29, 2008. The Oregonian.
“Salmon: No dam difference?”

October 28, 2008. ANSA.
“Animali: Canada, Salmoni Preferiscono Fiumi Con Dighe”

October 28, 2008.  New Scientist.
“Tracking system is dam good news for salmon”

October 28, 2008. Reuters.
“Unos salmons son rastreados durante un viaje de 2.500 km”

October 28. 2008. Reuters.
“Salmon tracked to aid conservation”

October 28, 2008. Science.
“Safe Passage for Salmon?”

October 28, 2008. UPI.
“Juvenile salmon tracked for the first time”

October 27, 2008. Cape Breton Post.
“Researchers fish for answers about giant bluefin tuna”

October 27, 2008. EurekAlert.
“Similar survival rates for Pacific salmon in Fraser, Columbia Rivers raised new questions”

October 27, 2008. EurekAlert.
“Research challenges conventional notions about salmon survival”

October 27, 2008. EurekAlert.
“Scientists achieve first tracking of salmon from headwaters in the Rockies through Pacific to Alaska”

October 27, 2008. Science News.
“Salmon Study: Dammed Or Not”

October 20, 2008. Epoch Times.
“Deepest Surviving Fish Filmed”

October 7, 2008. National Geographic News.
“Deepest-Ever Fish Caught Alive on Camera”

October 7, 2008. The Register.
“Fish snapped snacking at 4,200 fathoms”

October 6, 2008. Dalnews.
“Research that makes waves”

October 2, 2008. EurekAlert.
“Atlantic Tuna return thousands of miles to birthplace to spawn”

September 29, 2008. VOA News.
“'Catch Shares': A Better Way to Share the World's Fish?”

September 24, 2008. BBC News.
“In Pictures: Marine Life Census”

September 21, 2008. The Times.
“Myriad ‘new’ Species corralled on reef”

September 18, 2008. Dateline Earth.
“Study: Giving fishermen a property right to fish may save imperiled stocks”

September 18, 2008. National Geographic.
“Hundreds of New Reef Creatures Found in Australia”

September 18. 2008. Reuters.
“Hundreds of new species found on Australia reefs”

September 5, 2008. NPR.
“Tuna: A Favorite Fish Faces Dangerous Depletion”

August 29, 2008. EurekAlert.
“Third International Biologging Science Symposium Sept. 1-5 in Pacific Grove, Calif.”

August 24, 2008. Red Orbit.
“Sushi Seller Flunk DNA Test in High School Project.”

August 15th, 2008. LE MONDE.FR Dominique de Saint Pern "'Oceans', l'odyssee d'un tournage"

August 15th, 2008. LE MONDE.FR Dominique de Saint Pern
"On etait comme des gosses"

August 12, 2008. National Geographic News.
"Deep Diving Seals are Cheap Labor for Antarctic Surveys."

August 3, 2008. Lewiston Sun Journal.
"Whats in the Gulf of Maine?"

July 24, 2008. The Advocate.
"Expert leads ocean census."

July 23, 2008. Deep Sea News.
"Rising Fuel Costs Hurt Marine Research."

July 20, 2008. Science Daily.
"Leatherback Turtles' Newly Discovered Migration Route May Be Roadmap To Salvation."

July 15, 2008. San Franciso Chronicle.
"Scientists Follow Turtles for Their Own Good."

July 15, 2008.
"Discovery of new leatherback migration route may help save species."

July 1, 2008. Seattle Times.
"Global Shark Population Threatened."

June 27, 2008 National Public Radio, Talk of the Nation
Census aims to catalog world's oceans

June 25, 2008. BBC.
"Register clears out "fishy" names"

June 25, 2008. New York Times
"Scientists seek to sort sundry names of species"

June 25, 2008. New Scientist.
"How many species live in the sea?"

June 25, 2008. Associated Press/
"Scientists seek to sort sundry names for sealife"

June 25, 2008. Reuters.
"Wrong names for fish seen complicating conservation"

June 25, 2008. New Scientist.
How many species live in the sea?

June 25, 2008. Associated Press/
Scientists seek to sort sundry names for sealife

June 25, 2008. Reuters.
Wrong names for fish seen complicating conservation

June 25, 2008. MSN.
Study shows 122,500 ocean species' names

June 25, 2008. ANSA.

June 24, 2008. Telegraph UK.
"Golden ray photos of amazing mass migration."

June 10, 2008. Scienexx.
"SCAR-Medaille für Antarktisforscherin Angelika Brandt"