News Coverage Archive 2009

October 6, 2009. Mother Nature Network.
Overfishing: Are there really plenty of fish in the sea?

October 6, 2009. The Christian Science Monitor.
Tuna’s plight is a problem the world must solve

August 27, 2009. Los Angeles Times.
Monterey Bay Aquarium lands another great white shark

August 26, 2009. The Salinas Californian.
Monterey Bay Aquarium puts 5th white shark on exhibit

September 16, 2009. Planet Earth.
Rescued rower returns home

June 25, 2009. Deep-Sea News.
Ready for another expedition?

June 30, 2009. BYM News.UK.
Deeper than Light deep sea exhibition at Aberdeen Maritime Museum

June 30, 2009.
Researchers Survey Mid-Atlantic Ridge Looking For New Forms of Marine Life, Clues to Deep-Sea Communities

July 5, 2009. Times Online.
Think tank: There aren’t plenty more fish in seas

July 31, 2009. Environmental Expert.
Global curbs on overfishing are beginning to work

July 31, 2009. Treehugger.
Overfishing is Slowing, But Only in Areas With Good Fisheries Management

August 1, 2009. Time.
Can the World's Fisheries Survive Our Appetites?

August 1, 2009. Gaea Times.
Curbs on fishing beginning to succeed worldwide

August 1, 2009. Telegraph.
Plenty more fish in the sea - or are there?

August 1, 2009. The News International.
Last century for Seafood?

August 1, 2009. The Age.
Cosmetic makeover dooms the slimehead

August 1, 2009. Scotsman.
Experts say methods of setting fish catch numbers should be scrapped

August 2, 2009. Los Angeles Times.
Mapping an ocean of species

August 10, 2009. Voice of America News.
Study Finds Some Ocean Fisheries Are Recovering

August 15, 2009. Asia Times.
Life has new meaning in the Himalayas

August 21, 2009. San Francisco Chronicle.
No-fishing areas don't address ocean problems

August 26, 2009. The Guardian.
Marine life: Illuminating the ocean

September 1, 2009. BBC News.
Strange jellies of the icy depths

September 6, 2009. The Dominion Post.
Creatures from the deep

June 1, 2009. CNN
Future protection of the oceans could lie in the past

May 28, 2009. US News & World Report.
Ocean’s Gazillion

May 28, 2009. News Scientist.
Human fishing spree goes back 1000 years

May 28, 2009.
Fifty Years Ago, Fish Were Bigger; Fifty Years From Now, They'll Be Gone

May 27, 2009. Metro News.
Dalhousie professor honoured for environmental work

May 26, 2009. IPS News: Environment.
ENVIRONMENT:  Extraordinary Abundance of Life in Oceans Past

May 26, 2009. Science Centric.
Biology Professor named Environmental Scientist of the Year

May 26, 2009. NZ News.
Research reveals impact of whaling in NZ

May 26, 2009.  Straits Times
Giant cod, whales once plentiful   

May 26, 2009. US Today
Stone age fishing altered ocean wildlife populations more than previously believed

May 26, 2009.
Fishing history focus of ocean conference

May 25, 2009. Union-Tribune, San Diego.
Studies chart humans' huge effect on sea life

May 25, 2009. China Post.
European over-fishing began 1,000 years ago

May 25, 2009. Live Science.
Overfishing Goes Back Centuries, Log Books Reveal

May 25, 2009. CTV Canada am.
Census of Marine Life results are in

May 25, 2009. BBC Spanish
¿Cuándo pescamos en agua salada?

May 25, 2009. The Epoch Times.
European Over-Fishing Began 1,000 Years Ago-Report

May 25, 2009. AZoCleantech.
Environmental Scientist of the Year Award Goes to Biology Professor For Ocean Research

February 18, 2009. Philadelphia Inquirer.
“Franklin Institute Awards for 8 trailblazers”

February 17, 2009. Insciences.
“Historical Photographs Expose Decline in Florida's Reef Fish, New Scripps Study Finds”

February 17, 2009. The Age.
“Critters galore in icy Antarctica”

February 16, 2009.  New Scientist.
“Ocean survey reveals hundreds of ‘bipolar’ species”

February 16, 2009.  Xinhuanet.
“235 same species found at both ends of Earth”

February 16, 2009. Reuters.
“Antarctic ice fish redefines “cold-blooded”

February 15, 2009. Terra.
“Descubiertas 235 especies idénticas en agues del Ártico y de la Antártida”

February 15, 2009. The Associated Press.
“Study: ‘Astonishing richness’ in polar sea species”

February 15, 2009. PR-inside.
“Survey shows polar seas are no biological desert”

February 15, 2009. Monterey County The Herald.
“Study: ‘Astonishing richness’ in polar sea species”

February 15, 2009. Science News.
“Marine Census: Surprising Number of Creatures Bipolar”

February 15, 2009. Globe and Mail.
“The same species, living poles apart”

February 15, 2009. LiveScience.
“Same Species Found at Both Ends of Earth”

February 15, 2009. The Star.
“235 Similar Species Found in Artic and Antarctic”

February 15, 2009. BBC News.
“Ice Oceans ‘are not poles apart’”

February 15, 2009.  Mundo Último Segundo.
“Cientistas descobrem 235 espécies idênticas no Ártico e Antártida”

February 15, 2009. RPP.
“Descubren 235 especies idénticas en aguas del Ártico y de la Antártida”

February 15, 2009. Telegraph.
“Arctic and Antarctic home to more than 200 species”

February 15, 2009. National Geographic.
“PHOTOS: Odd, Identical Species Found at Both Poles”

February 15, 2009. The New York Times.
“Study: ‘Astonishing Richness’ in Polar Sea Species”

February 15, 2009. El Universo.
“Descruben 235 especies idénticas en aguas del Ártico y de la Antártida”

February 15, 2009. Correio do Minho.
“Biologia: Descobertas 235 espécies comuns às águas do Árctico e do Antárctico”

February 11, 2009. Postimees.
“Эстонец возглавит европейскую научную программу”

February 17, 2009. Tehran Times.
“Same species found at both ends of Earth”

February 16, 2009.  Echo Tv.
“A sarkvidéki tengerek tele vannak élettel”

February 16, 2009. Ekolist.
“Živočichové, kteří žijí v Arktidě i Antarktidě, matou vědce”

February 16, 2009. Pressetext.
“Hunderte identische polare Tierarten entdeckt”

February 16, 2009. Gazeta Wyborcza.
“Pod lodem życie aż kipi”

February 7, 2009. SFGate.
“Reporter’s notebook: TED 2009”

February 4, 2009. The Christian Science Monitor.
“Google Earth maps the oceans”

February 4,  2009. The Hindu.
“Animal Trackers collaborate on new Google Earth for oceans”

February 3, 2009. Directions Magazine.
“Duke Scientist To Help Google With Ocean Maps”