CAML Barcoding Latest News

Barcoding efforts undertaken by the Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) has paid off.  An article soon to be released in the journal Polar Biology, highlights CAML’s barcoding work and addresses knowledge gaps and future challenges.  The article, entitled “Barcoding Antarctic Biodiversity: current status and the CAML initiative, a case study of marine invertebrates” is currently in press.  Having identified more than 10,000 Antarctic marine DNA barcodes, with 8000 more in the works, CAML has committed itself to pursue barcoding across the entire spectrum of marine biodiversity.  This task requires a high level of cooperation within the Antarctic research community, as well as with the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding.  Researchers with Antarctic samples that require sequencing are encouraged to contact Rachel Grant, CAML Barcoding Coordinator.  More information on CAML Barcoding is available on the CAML website: Barcoding.