Census Makes Top News in the LA Times

On August 2,2009 the Census was featured front and center in the Los Angeles Times.  The article highlights Census discoveries and findings.  From migrations of tuna, turtles, and albatross, to the discovery of the living fossil shrimp, to the hundreds of voyages and expeditions on which Census researchers embarked, the length and breadth of the Census find mention in this article.  Another key feature of the story is the discussion of the creation of the program and its contribution to the future of marine science.  Many Census colleagues have lent their perspectives to the story: Jesse Ausubel, Larry Madin, Poul Holm, Fred Grassle, Paul Snelgrove, Andy Rosenberg, Ann Bucklin, Nancy Copley, and Peter Wiebe are all quoted.  Additionally, the online version of the story features a link to a stunning slide show of Census images.  To view the article please visit: LA Times