Census in the News 2010

PLoS Hub for Biodiversity & Census Special Collection

Later this year the Public Library of Science will launch the “PLoS Hub for Biodiversity,” a resource that will aggregate biodiversity research from a range of publicly available sources. The aim of this website will be to create a place to share the latest findings, ideas and tools, to connect researchers who have complementary interests and ideas, and to accelerate the pace of research and discovery.

Océans Film Premieres

Océans, the documentary by renowned French producer and actor Jacques Perrin (pictured left with CoMargE's Dr. Myriam Sibuet) and Galatée Film Productions, opened in Paris on January 27th to an enthusiastic French audience. The film had it’s world premiere in Tokyo on January 15th and will be released worldwide over the next 6 months. As Time Magazine pointed out in it’s February 1st article, the documentary has outperformed other box-office blockbusters since it’s premier last week. More information and a full brochure of features species can be found on the Census 2010 portal.

Follow ChEss Scientists Exploring East Scotia Ridge

ChEss scientists aboard the RRS James Cook are on an expedition to the East Scotia Ridge to explore areas of the deep seabed of the Southern Ocean to locate and investigate hot water vents (hydrothermal vents) and cold seeps. A follow up to an earlier expedition in which researchers mapped the seafloor, on this cruise researchers will be utilizing a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) working at depths of 2800 meters using high definition cameras to record the

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