Census Represented at Darwin and the Adventure

This week, Census researcher Dr. Patricia Miloslavich will be participating in a project in which the International Space Station (ISS) and the Tocorimé, a 120-foot Brazilian wooden tall ship, will connect off the coast of Brazil in a unique project to celebrate Charles Darwin’s travels around South America. In collaboration with NASA, live hook-ups to the ISS will enable the scientists aboard Tocorimé and local school children in Paraty to talk with an ISS astronaut as he flies overhead at 17,500mph. Supported by the British Council and organized by scientists from South America and the UK, the Tocorimé operators, the organizers of The HMS Beagle Trust and NASA, the week-long event brings together a scientific workshop in Paraty, Brazil, scientific cruises, and educational outreach. Calls with the scientists and the ISS will enable local students to ask questions of these modern explorers, at sea and in space. At the same time, a workshop in Paraty will bring together a new international team to discuss key results in Census of Marine Life and Barcode of Life in South America and identify key questions for marine research in the waters around South America.  For more information go to the press release or The Beagle Project.