New POST Exhibit at Vancouver Aquarium

Last week, as Vancouver was busy welcoming the world, the Vancouver Aquarium welcomed a brand new POST exhibit peppered in a few locations around its public galleries. 

The exhibit features several elements throughout the aquarium that explain how scientists are using POST and what they are discovering. These features include:

-          POST research equipment deployed in place alongside POST-tracked species in the large Strait of Georgia habitat, just inside the Aquarium’s entrance.  A 32” flatscreen explains what the equipment is, gives visitors a brief introduction to the POST, and highlights POST as a part of the Census of Marine Life and Ocean Tracking Network.

-          POST lines marked on a large wall map as you enter the Treasures of BC gallery, showing where POST is listening for tagged animals along our coast.

-          Model research equipment floating in a couple of the habitats in the Treasures of BC gallery, with ID labeling that explains how POST tracks particular species  found in those habitats.

-          The “main” installation: a 46” touchscreen, where visitors can learn how scientists are using POST and what they’re discovering, through an interactive map and on-demand video.  Recent news stories cycle in the header, and POST’s role in the Census of Marine Life and Ocean Tracking Network is featured in scrolling “sound bite” messages at the bottom.  Beside the screen, visitors can get up close and personal with real tagging and detection equipment used to track animals for thousands of kilometers along the West Coast.
If guests are looking for even more, they can pop by the Windows on Research desk to chat with one of the fabulous volunteers who are featuring POST as part of the visitor experience over the next few months.