RRS James Cook carries MAR-ECO scientists back to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

On August 1, 2009 the RRS James Cook sets sail again, bound for the mid-Atlantic Ridge.  The MAR-ECO expedition, made up of 30 scientists, from 12 universities and research institutions in the UK, Portugal, and Russia, and 20 crewmembers, aims to collect data on all aspects of the mid-Atlantic Ridge and its overlying surface waters.  The type of data ranges from satellite images of sea surface temperature to time-lapse photography of what lives on the seabed at depths of thousands of meters.

The cruise, led by Prof Monty Priede Director of Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, will be dispatching a daily blog about their adventures and discoveries, as well as sending out updates via Twitter through the conclusion of the expedition on September 9, 2009.  For more information visit: MAR-ECO.