Two Census Research Cruises Currently At Sea

Departing June 8, 2009, MAR-ECO researchers aboard the NOAA Fisheries vessel Henry B. Bigelow steamed for the North Atlantic to study the Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  The aim of the cruise is to further study the deep-water ecosystems associated with under-explored area.  A cruise blog can be viewed on the Virginia Institute of Marine Science website and a full article highlighting the details of the cruise is also available. For more information visit: MAR-ECO.

A second cruise departed Wellington New Zealand on June 12, 2009 with the R/V Tangaroa once again carrying CenSeam researchers to the Graveyard seamounts on the Chatham Rise in the South Pacific.  This cruise aims to study the biodiversity of the region and to continue research initiated on earlier cruises.  Full details of the cruise and a ship-to-shore log can be found on the CenSeam website: Return to the Graveyard.