World Ocean Census Book Reviewed in Nature

The November 19th issue of the journal Nature (462, 287) includes Mark Schrope’s review of World Ocean Census: A Global Survey of Marine Life. Published by Firefly Books and written by Census Education & Outreach Team members Darlene Crist, Gail Scowcroft, and James Harding, with a foreword written by Sylvia Earle, the book highlights the stories behind the Census through lively text and over 250 images, the majority graciously provided by Census scientists.

From the review:

"The book is at its best when it offers glimpses of the astonishing array of sea creatures revealed by the survey, such as the deepest comb jelly-fish ever recorded — found at 7,000 metres — which uses long filaments to anchor itself to the seafloor like a kite. Special sections tell of the widespread loss of bluefin-tuna stocks, the surprisingly long distances travelled by great white sharks and efforts to protect coral reefs."