Oceans Past & Future

Global Marine Species Diversity (a) and Richness (b): Patterns and Predictors—Derek P. Tittensor, (Part A) and Philippe Bouchet, (Part B) with Camilo Mora, Walter Jetz, Heike K. Lotze, Daniel Ricard, Edward Vanden Berghe, Boris Worm, Geoff Boxshall, Terry Erwin, Benoit Fontaine
The Future of Marine Animal Populations Project—Boris Worm with Heike K. Lotze, Ian Jonsen, Derek Tittensor, Camilo Mora, Marta Coll, Arliss Winship, Catherine Muir
History of Marine Animal Populations: Stories on Marine Animal Populations and their Exploitation—Kira Paulli Pravato with Anne Husum Marboe, Poul Holm
Measuring the Regional Effect of 19th C American Offshore Whaling Voyages—Tim D. Smith with Randall Reeves