PLoS ONE Collections

The Public Library of Science has launched the “PLoS Hub for Biodiversity,” a resource that will aggregate biodiversity research from a range of publicly available sources. The aim of this website is to create a place to share the latest findings, ideas and tools, to connect researchers who have complementary interests and ideas, and to accelerate the pace of research and discovery.

PLoS worked with many of the CoML Project Groups to publish Special Collections of their articles, primarily consisting of research articles published in PLoS ONE

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The following collections are available:

Marine Biodiversity and Biogeography—
Regional Comparisons of Global Issues (Regional and National Implementation Committees)

Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP)

Marine Barcode of Life (MarBOL)

Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project (POST)

Biogeography of Deep-Water Chemosynthetic Ecosystems (ChEss)

History of Marine Animal Populations (HMAP)

Future of Marine Animal Populations (FMAP) 

Natural Geography in Shore Areas (NaGISA)