Census in Google Earth

How to access the Census layer in Google Earth 6

The new Google Earth has an Ocean layer which contains Census of Marine Life information.  You can find Census information about the Antarctic with a few easy steps.

To see the Census layer follow these steps:

1) Download and install Google Earth 6 - Google Earth Download

2) Open Google Earth. In the lower left corner, in "Layers," click on the arrow next to "Ocean" to expand the menu. Then click the "Census of Marine Life" check box to turn activate the Census Layer.
3) Explore the Census in Google Earth. The Census "droplets" logos will appear at various locations around the globe.  Click on the droplets to see Census stories, photos and videos.

As you explore the Census of Marine Life Layer in Google Earth, don’t forget to look for the following stories associated with Census work in the Poles and the International Polar Year:

In the Arctic:

Ice Oceans Realm Description 
ArcOD Project Description
Animals in New Places
50 Different Kinds of Jellies
Life in Coldest, Saltiest Seawater
First New Species in IPY
Very Different Twins
Leading IPY Biodiversity
Arctic Robots

In the Antarctic:

CAML Project Description
Seal Tagging
Antarctic Octopus Family Tree
Antarctica’s Biggest-Ever Amphipod
Weddell Sea Expedition
International Study of Plankton Bloom
Under-ice Community
Colossal Sea Stars
Evolutionary Mollusk
Antarctic Seabed Expedition

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