Resources for the Census Community

Resources for the Census Community
This page provides links to some of the more commonly used elements of Partner Resources and databases.

Partner Resources
Decade of Discovery Events, Video and Presentation Downloads - From the London October event.
London Events Flickr Page - Photos from panel presentations, plus candids.
Graphic Elements and Templates

Global Marine Life Database - The Ocean Biogeographic Information System allows users to search marine species datasets from all the world's oceans.
Census of Marine Life Community Database - Find members of the Census of Marine Life community.
Census of Marine Life Bibliographic Database - A literature resource for Census of Marine Life science publications.

Ocean Life Map - A new map of ocean life produced in conjunction with National Geographic.

Conference of the Parties (COP 10) Information

New Species Information

PLoS One-McIntyre-Snelgrove Overviews

Decade of Discovery Essays -- Census-inspired essays, editorials, interviews, and conversations by members of the Scientific Steering Committee and other involved individuals.

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