Resources for Scientists and Policy Makers

Resources for Scientists and Policy Makers
The first Census of Marine Life reported its findings of its ten-year investigation of diversity, distribution, and abundance of marine life on October 4, 2010.  Those results and a decade of resources can be found on this website.  The following is an outline of what you might find and where.  Should you have any further questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact Darlene Crist or Kristen Yarincik.

About the Census -- A summary of how the Census was structured, its scientific framework, sponsors, and links to learn more.

Global Marine Life Database - The Ocean Biogeographic Information System allows users to search marine species datasets from all the world's oceans.
Census of Marine Life Community Database - Find members of the Census of Marine Life community.
Census of Marine Life Bibliographic Database - A literature resource for Census of Marine Life science publications.

Scientific Publications
PLoS One Collections - Collected Census of Marine Life articles, grouped by project, published by the Public Library of Science.
Special Issue Journals - Scientific journals featuring collections of Census papers grouped by project.

Books, Reports and Essays
A Summary for Decision Makers -- Scientific Results to Support the Sustainable Use and Conservation of Marine Life is designed to help policy makers determine how results of the first Census of Marine Life might be used to craft science-based policy.
Science books links to a number of books that describe the Census findings.
Popular bookslinks to a number of books about the Census of Marine Life for general audiences.
Essays -- Census-inspired essays, editorials, interviews, and conversations by members of the Scientific Steering Committee and other involved individuals.

First Census of Marine Life 2010: Highlights of a Decade of Discovery
 The 64-page report that describes some of the scientific highlights of ten years of exploration, research and analysis undertaken by Census of Marine Life scientists. Included is a description of the Census research projects and organizational structure.

Highlights Reports Archive– Download PDF versions of the annual Highlights Reports, Draft Plan, and Project Annual Reports.

Investigating Marine Life - A web site illustrating the Census of Marine Life research programs and technology.

Ocean Life Map - A new map of ocean life produced in conjunction with National Geographic.

News Coverage Archive - Selected articles from the world press highlighting Census research.