Science Books

Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life
Paul V. R. Snelgrove
Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Life in the World's Oceans
Alasdair D. McIntyre, editor
Blackwell Publishing, 2010.

Life in the Mid Atlantic
Peter Boyle
Bergen Museum Press, 2009.

Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota
Darryl L. Felder, David K. Camp editors
TAMU Press, 2009.
This publication was prepared by the Harte Research Institute, Gulf of Mexico, an affiliated project of the Census of Marine Life, under the direction of Census US National Committee Chair, Wes Tunnell.

Field Techniques for Sea-Ice Research
Hajo Eicken, Rolf Gradinger, Maya Salganek, Kunio Shirasawa, Don Perovich, and Matti Leppäranta
University of Alaska Press, 2009.

Deep-Sea Biodiversity
Michael A. Rex and Ron J. Etter
Harvard University Press, 2010.