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SCOR Working Group 118: New Technologies for Observing Marine Life

  2000, Canada
  2001, Argentina
  2002, Peru
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2000 Working Group Meeting
(9-11 November 2000, Sidney, BC, Canada)

  1. Presentations
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    1. Arnold, Geoff *
      Electronic Tags
    2. Atkins, Phil
      Wideband Sonar - Plankton, Communications and Picket Fences
    3. Benfield, Mark
      Technologies for sampling zooplankton with an emphasis on image-forming optics
    4. Boss, Emmanuel *
      Optical detection of small organisms
    5. Churnside, Jim
      Airborne Detection Approaches
    6. Desa, Elgar *
      Small AUVs and scientific payloads
    7. Erbe, Christine
      Census of Marine Mammals
    8. Foote, Ken
      Challenges in the acoustic quantification of marine life
    9. Furusawa, Mashiko *
      New Technologies for quantitative echo sounders
    10. Gorsky, Gaby *
      Optical Imaging
    11. Griffiths, Gwyn
      Platform & deployment options
    12. Guttierez, Mariano *
      Needs/approaches for detection of marine life in developing countries
    13. Hampton, Ian * (for M Soule)
      Role of new technologies in managing fisheries
    14. Herman, Alex
      Optical Counting/Imaging and Rapid Survey Platforms
    15. Jaffe, Jules
      Acoustical/optical imaging of zooplankton
    16. Karp, Bill
      National Marine Fisheries Service New Technologies plans
    17. Mackas, Dave
    18. Rune-Godo, Olav *
      Can we get a correct 'on deck' representation of marine life?
    19. Simard, Yvan
      Detection of micro-nekton
    20. Trevorrow, Mark
      2 and 3-dimensional acoustic imaging of fish at longer ranges
    21. Welch, David
    22. Zedel, Len
      Moored detection approaches

      (* WG Members)

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