Can we get a correct 'on deck' representation of marine life?



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Can we get a correct 'on deck' representation of marine life?

In future - is real sampling needed?

Will talk about

Some generalities

Trawl functionality

What are the critical phases during bottom trawl sampling?

Pre vessel -Propeller noise

Vessel/door - Propeller noise Horizontal avoidance

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Vertical herding


Doors - sweeps



Mesh selection

Abundance estimation I

Size and species selection


Geometry and performance

Trawl instrumentation

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Warp, depth

ITI Trawl System

Strapping I Standardize door spread under all conditions

Strapping II

Development and standardisation

Future development


Static gears

Area coverage of passive gears

Static gears

Gear sampling and goals

Future - combination of data

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EYB - and instrument to quantify avoidance

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Sonar observations from trawl Density distribution of fish in the trawl opening

The answer on the initial question is NO!

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