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SCOR Working Group 118: New Technologies for Observing Marine Life

  2000, Canada
  2001, Argentina
  2002, Peru
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2001 Working Group Meeting
(27 October 2001, Mar del Plata, Argentina)

  1. Purpose of meeting and update

  2. Update on CoML
    • Jesse Ausubel gave a brief history of CoML and the Sloan Foundationís purpose in funding it, which was to identify key technical problems facing marine biologists, publicise these and encourage funding bodies and manufacturers to develop solutions.

  3. Chemosynthetic Ecosystems in the Arctic and North Atlantic Ocean (ChESS)

  4. Coastal Survey of the Western Pacific (DIWPA) - Yoshihisa Shirayama

  5. Census of Marine Life in the Gulf of Maine - Ken Foote

  6. Interacciones entre Stocks Pelagicos, Pesquerias y Ambiente (ISPPA) - François Gerlotto

  7. Pacific Ocean Salmon Tracking (POST) - David Welch

  8. Patterns and Processes of Ecosystems in the Northern Mid-Atlantic (MAR-ECO) - Odd Aksel Bergstad

  9. Tagging of Pacific Pelagics (TOPP) - Dan Costa

  10. Invitations from PICES

  11. Concluding comments

  12. Appendix A: Transponding acoustic tags

  13. Appendix B: Web sites

  14. Participants, including e-mail addresses