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SCOR Working Group 118: New Technologies for Observing Marine Life

  2000, Canada
  2001, Argentina
  2002, Peru
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2001 Working Group Meeting
(27 October 2001, Mar del Plata, Argentina)

Invitations from PICES

Ian Perry extended two invitations to the WG from the North Pacific Marine Science Organisation (PICES). The first was that WG118 should consider participating in PICES XI, which would be held in Quingdao, Peoples Republic of China in 2002 (18-26 October). The theme of the meeting would be ‘Technological Advances in Marine Scientific Research’ and there would be a 1-day Science Board Symposium on the subject. WG 118 was invited either:

  1. to meet in conjunction with PICES XI
  2. nominate and fund selected speakers to attend the symposium
  3. or co-organise an electronic poster session on data processing

The second invitation related to a 2-3 day workshop on ‘Voluntary Observing Systems’, which had been proposed under the PICES Climate Change & Carrying Capacity Program. The meeting, which would be organised by the PICES Monitor Task Team, would be held in Corvallis (Oregon) or Seattle (Washington) in February 2002. The objectives were to identify the type of monitoring observations that were required, discuss a ‘sea chest’ of standard instruments that could be routinely installed on appropriate ships of opportunity, and identify sources of long-term funding. WG 118 was invited to participate in the meeting and, if possible, provide financial support. The scientific objectives of the monitoring proposed under the CCCC program were to investigate ecological change and identify a suitable quantitative measure.

David Farmer thanked Ian Perry for both invitations and said he would respond in due course.