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  2000, Canada
  2001, Argentina
  2002, Peru
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2001 Working Group Meeting
(27 October 2001, Mar del Plata, Argentina)

Appendix A: Transponding Acoustic Tags

Circuit designs for transponding acoustic tags are available in:

  • Mitson, R.B. & Storeton West, T.J. (1971). A transponding acoustic fish tag. Radio Electron. Eng., 41, 483-489.

  • Bagley, P.M. (1992). A code-activated transponder for the individual identification and tracking of deep-sea fish. Pages111-119 in Priede, I.G., and Swift, S.M. (eds.), Wildlife Telemetry, Ellis Horwood, New York.

  • Bagley, P.M., Bradley, S., Collins, M.A., Priede, I.G. & Gray, P. (2000). Miniature acoustic code activated transponder for tracking fish at abyssal depths using delayed activation to overcome reverberation. Pages 13-19 in Moore, A., and Russell, I., Advances in Fish Telemetry, Proceedings of the Third Conference on Fish Telemetry in Europe, Norwich, England, 20-25 June 1999, CEFAS Lowestoft.