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SCOR Working Group 118: New Technologies for Observing Marine Life

  2000, Canada
  2001, Argentina
  2002, Peru
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2002 Working Group Meeting
(28-30 October 2002, Lima, Peru)

Summary and Closing Remarks

David Farmer thanked Mariano Gutiérrez Torero for organising the meeting and for agreeing to take the lead with the development of future initiatives. Mariano Gutiérrez in turn thanked his wife and colleagues for the support and help they had provided him.

In the immediate future, the next steps were for Mariano Gutiérrez Torero to produce a short report recommending steps for the introducing new technology into Latin America and for Geoff Arnold to produce a report of the meeting. This should include references to sources of material presented to the meeting, which should be in the form of web site addresses if at all possible. David Farmer urged participants to provide Geoff with this information, as soon as possible.

The meeting closed at 3 p.m. on Wednesday 30 October.