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SCOR Working Group 118: New Technologies for Observing Marine Life

  2000, Canada
  2001, Argentina
  2002, Peru
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Working Group Members

David Farmer, Co-Chair
Office of the Dean
Graduate School of Oceanography
University of Rhode Island
Narragansett, RI 02882
Ph: 401-874-6222
Fax 401-874-6889
[Acoustical methods, horizontal imaging and long range measurement of fish distributions, instrument development.]

Dr. D.V. Holliday, Co-Chair
Director of Research and Technology Analysis and Applied Research Division
BAE SYSTEMS (formerly Tracor & Marconi)
4669 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 102
San Diego, CA 92123-4333, USA
Phone: 858-268-9777
FAX : 858-268-9775
[Expertise on virtually all aspects of fisheries and plankton acoustics, instrument development, etc.]

Gaby Gorsky
Observatoire Oceanologique
P.O. Box 28
06234 Villefranche sur Mer Cedex,
Ph: 33 4 33 93 76 38 16
Fax 33 4 33 93 76 38 34
[Zooplankton ecology, larvacean taxonomy, imaging technologies]

Emanuel Boss
OSU College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences
104 Ocean Admin Bldg
Corvallis OR 97331-5503, USA
ph: 541-737-2366
fax: 541-737-2064
[Marine optics; inversion of optical measurements to obtain properties (concentration, size, index of refraction, shape) of the particles in the ocean; relationship between optical properties and carbon]

Geoff Arnold
Lowestoft, UK
ph: 44 23 8059 6004
fax: 44 23 8059 6149
[Fisheries biologist; expertise in the use of acoustic fish tags]

Masahiko Furusawa
Tokyo University of Fisheries
Dept. of Marine Science and Technology
4-5-7 Kounan
Minato, Tokyo 108, Japan
Tel: 81 3 5463 0489
Fax: 81 3 5463 0518
[The application of acoustical technology including theoretical and laboratory studies relating to sound scattering from fish]

Olav Godo
Institute of Marine Research
P.O. Box 1870
N-5024 Bergen
Ph: 47 5523 8675
Fax: 47 5523 8687
[Direct sampling methodology, acoustics and inter-calibration]

Elgar Desa
National Institute of Oceanography
Dona Paula,
Goa 403 004
[Actively involved in marine optics over the last decade including design and development of a hyperspectral radiometer, satellite validation of the OCM color sensor from India, Trichodesmium bloom detection.
Other interests:
- Biosensors ( example mimicking the electroreceptor organs of the electric eel and other weakly electrical fish).
- Turtle tracking with telemetering miniature cameras and CTD sensors.
- Intelligent special purpose portable AUVs for the coastal zone and to monitor coral reefs]

Mariano Gutierrez Torero
Instituto del Mar del Peru (IMARPE)
Esq. Gamarra y Grai, Valle s/n
Chuciuto - Callao, AP 22, Peru
Telephone: (51-1)429-7630 (224)
Fax: (51-1)453-8489
[Fisheries biologist / acoustic-surveys and population dynamics of anchovy]